Friday, March 20, 2015

Never Buy Another Throw Pillow Again

So you want to redo your bedroom, want a new bed set, or maybe just want to jazz up your living room couch. You won't settle for a bed-in-a-bag because the throw pillows are too generic looking, so you go to HomeGoods to check out the throw pillow aisle. Until you look at the price tag and come to the conclusion that HomeGoods isn't as affordable as you thought. I beat the system - but don't be mad, because I'm going to tell you how I did it.

The concept of throw pillows are so weird. First off, they're sold separately. If you're using them to decorate your living room, you probably want two of the same one - one for each couch, or one for each side. Impossible to find. Second of all, they can be anywhere from $15-50. WHICH IS CRAZY. Because you obviously need 3-6 of them. And if you're still a student or even a post-grad still living with your parents (like me), how often do you make your bed besides whenever the fam comes over on Thanksgiving?

If you know me, or read The Beetique often, you're probably rolling your eyes thinking I'm going to tell you to pick up some fabric and make your own... But honestly, there's cheaper way.

My family's storage contains tons of old throw pillows, comforters, sheets, etc. from many years of purchasing bed-in-a-bag's and college dorm bedding, and it's a shame that the bed decor goes to waste when you're done with it. If you've seen my fabulous shoe display, you know I'm in the process of a massive bedroom makeover.

After falling in love with a white 8-piece fluffy "hotel" comforter set from Marshall's, I felt a little guilty that I'd probably end up using only 3 of the pieces. I was on a serious hunt for the most fabulous sequin, fur, gaudy-looking pillows in the game. For cheap.

Well that was impossible. So I looked on Amazon, and found so many for under $10. After reading deeper into each description (international Amazon listings can be a bit sketchy sometimes) I realized I was actually looking at throw pillow CASES and COVERS. Light bulb.

I measured all of my old, square pillow cases and ended up purchasing covers for each of them. I had myself brand new throw pillows for 1/3 of the price.

So next time you redo your room or plan on decorating your new place, I encourage you to transform something old into something new.


PS - I don't ALWAYS make my bed. And when I don't, I display my throw pillows here.

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  1. What company makes that bedding set you posted?

    1. Hotel Collection, discounted from Marshall's! They also sell Hotel Collection in department stores such as Macy's. Love it so much.

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  3. I love the wall color. I noticed in your stencil post that you used Silver cloud as the light color for the stencil. Did you also use it as the ceiling color and for the other walls? If not, what colors did you use?

    1. Hi there! Yes, I used Silver Cloud to paint the other 3 walls in my bedroom. I love the idea of "marshmallow" grey walls instead of plain white. I painted the ceiling, door and molding a flat WHITE - I think it looks awesome this way!

  4. Do you mean you cut down old pillows? What you said doesnt make sense you measured old pillow CASES and ordered more cases? You covered cases with covers? The pillow itself is the pricey part, not the cover. Im so confused.