Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DIY Personalized Wedding Party Glasses

Put your credit card, glass etching kit, and puffy paint down. Phew! In honor of one of my BFFs saying "I do" in exactly one month from today, I am excited to share how I made these fabulous glasses to use on the first day of her new chapter.

Whether you're in the wedding party, family, a friend, or it's YOUR special day, "wow" the wedding party by dressing up champagne flutes and beer pilsners to match the wedding color theme. These bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen glasses are personalized, fun, affordable and fabulous.

Here's what you'll need:

Champagne flutes & tall pilsner beer glasses in bulk
2 or 3 rolls of 1.5 inch wide ribbon (in tux + bridesmaid dress colors), $2.50 ea.
White 3 inch wide lace, $5
Accent colored thin ribbon (for the guys), $2.50
Lace ribbon AND string of pearls (for the girls), $5
White tulle, $3
E6000 glue, $4

*all purchased at Hobby Lobby*

Step 1:  Start on a spacious surface covered in an old sheet or newspaper.

E6000 glue gets messy!

Step 2:  Measure how much ribbon you’ll need to wrap around 1 pilsner glass.

Cut enough strips for as many groom + groomsmen glasses you’ll be covering, and glue the ribbon tightly around.

It helps to glue one end, wrap, then glue the other end on top.

Step 3:  Create mini bow ties with your accent colored thin ribbon.

photo via May Arts, helpful tutorial here!

Once finished, glue them to your tuxes.

Step 4:  Don't forget the groom!

Use the lace fabric for groom's bow tie in place of the accent ribbon.

Add pearls from your string of pearls as buttons! Done.

Step 5:  Repeat step 2 for the flutes.

Step 6:  Make the bride's extra special.

Wrap your tulle around a few times, and tie a string in the center.

Trim the ends to create your tulle tutu.

For extra poof, make two - one for each side base of the flute.


Step 7:  Add any necessary finishing touches.

Wrap the lace around, add your string of pearls and lace trim (optional), and anything else fabulous. 

Go above & beyond and wrap your ribbon around twice for a "sweetheart-top" look.

VoilĂ ! Xoxo

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