Thursday, August 13, 2015

#TBT Presents: Name Plates + Tattoo Chokers

Can't believe it's Throwback Thurz already! I seriously must black out from the second I wake up Monday morning and not snap out of it until sometime after lunch on Fridays. I still feel like it's 2010. Or should I say the 90's - considering this wouldn't be a proper #TBT post unless being a 90's betch was scribbled all over it. Let's go back in time to your childhood birthday wishlist.

Disclosure:  I didn't actually walk out of the house like this. I swear.

I know the black stretchy tattoo chokers have already made a comeback but what about the clear ones?! If we knew back then about the 'chic minimalism' which is trending right now, clear tattoo chokers would be a hit. If you're cool enough and your mom let you, that is.

Don't forget about the classic nameplate. I remember chicks getting them for their 13th birthday, causing the rest of the grammar school population to beg their parents to get them one before their Sweet 16. Double plated, you know, from your family jeweler, or it doesn't count. I cringe remembering that I wore mine for my high school senior portraits.

The rest? Forevs a classic. It was fun layering today's treasures with last decade's stigma.

Shop the look:  clear tattoo choker  |  gold round monogram necklace, similar here  |  personalized name plate, similar here  |  david yurman necklace

more #TBT giggles here. xoxo

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  1. I like your necklaces and love the tattoo choker idea! I've never seen anyone wear it!! How long does it stay on?

    xoxo Emily