All About Bee

Relax and take notes.... You have now entered the most extraordinary, yet eclectic, place on the world wide web. I'm the Jane-of-all-Trades that will never leave you with anything short of fabulous. As a gifted beauty queen with a doctorate in DIY, I could plan a soiree like no other, and craft like it’s my 9-5. I could turn a piece of fabric into couture, master any makeup tutorial, and leave you feeling more confident about your life than Dr. Phil could. Creative people see the world from a completely different perspective and the decisions they make never fail to stand out from the rest. My goal is to share that with you. 

A good friend of mine once told me, “you have 500 followers on Pinterest… how do you NOT have a blog?” I grew up with the nickname “Bee” in a suburban town of Central New Jersey and migrated myself to a historic town of Central New York where my college bedroom was nicknamed “The Boutique”. There, you could find good beats, impeccable lighting, and the holy grail of any product a diva would desire. I’m an imperfect perfectionist trying to make the best out of the adjustment to post-grad life. With that being said, welcome to The Beetique.


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    1. Beetique should be in an issue of Vogue Magazine. Interesting to all ages. Kudos to my adorable daughter.